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Presenting your Goldstorm troopers — a privileged few who get to work with the most fun projects imaginable. All of us are happy and eager to help you boost your brand with outstanding packaging design. 
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Oh, and if you’re a designer and fancy a slice of this action, we’re always interested in talented people.

Tom Karlsson
Senior Graphic Designer / Motion Graphics
Filip Lindahl
Graphic Designer / Motion Graphics
CBO, Chief Barking Officer

Linda Ohlson Smith
Founder / Client Director

Combining creative thinking with no-nonsense project management, Linda injects energy and drive. With over 25 years’ experience of international marketing, communication and commercial design, Linda is as passionate about solutions that are as smart as they are aesthetically powerful.
+46 (0) 703 059 718

Erik Blomberg
Founder / Creative Director

Creativity and quality craftsmanship defines perfectionist Erik’s design work. With immaculate attention to detail, Erik is very responsive to our clients’ requests and takes great care from start to finish in each project. Far from a diva, he’s friendly, open, reliable and easy to work with.
+46 (0) 703 059 144

Josefine Johansson
Senior Graphic Designer / 3D

You’d put money on senior designer Josefine in a gunfight with her cool, calm demeanour, steady hand and can-do attitude. No challenge is too big or small — Josefine will find the perfect design solution to suit. In doing so, she also brings a contemporary aesthetic appeal to the party.
+46 (0) 703 059 894

Tom Karlsson
Senior Graphic Designer / Motion Graphics

Tom is both a senior designer and a dab hand at animated graphics, which complements our service offering rather nicely. Cool and collected, he assists our clients both with packaging design and in bringing some of those to life with small creative films that lend themselves perfectly to all social media channels.
+46 (0) 70 305 92 52

Let’s create a beautiful storm together.
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