Tegner & Son Glögg
Branding & Label design

Nothing fills our design-hearts with more joy than when we get the opportunity to dive into a brand profile with genuine history! Tegnér and Son (@tegnerochson) have been importing and producing wine and spirits since 1880, a fact that Goldstorm wanted to reflect when fully rejuvenating the brand aesthetic. Starting from scratch, we backtracked the logo for a retro-feel that also appeals to the modern eye. Following on from there, we added layers of detail and effects on the packaging design for a truly premium appeal. The impressive Tegnér and Son portfolio spans a wide range of mulled wines and spirits which we will proudly roll out here, one by one, in due course. Fitting for the season, we begin with the mulled wine series for your enjoyment.

Client: Tegner & Son
Film & photos: New Fun Work

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