Tegner & Son Rödvin
Branding & Label design

The labour of design love continues with Tegnér and Son’s bag in tube, created with the greatest attention to detail. Using the entire surface to maximum effect, we saw an opportunity here to elaborate the whole story of how Tegnér and Son have been importing and producing wine and spirits since 1880. The resulting wine packaging offers the most complete and intricate showcase of this brand rejuvenation project, one which we started last year. Having backtracked the logo for a retro-feel that also appeals to the modern eye, we have added layers of graphic, storytelling detail and effects for a truly premium appeal. Beyond this Spanish red wine blend, the impressive Tegnér and Son portfolio spans a wide range of mulled wines and spirits. It all culminates in craftmanship both inside and out, which we like to think will never go out of style.

Client: Tegner & Son
Film & photos: New Fun Work

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